DESIGNATE A CHARGING STATION Choose a neutral space where you keep your phone when you are at home or work. Try to keep your phone out of your bedroom and away when you are eating a meal or enjoying company.

SET LIMITS Set times of day when you do not use your phone. Right after waking up, before going to bed, while with friends or at the dinner table are good places to start.


USE GRAYSCALE After suggesting this at a talk, a student came up to me and told me that his phone is now so boring. This is especially helpful because the stimulating, bright colors are designed to hold our attention. 

CLEAN UP YOUR PHONE Delete the apps you haven't used in the past week. Put the most important apps onto your home screen (Phone, Maps, Music, Camera). Put all the distracting apps in a separate folder on another screen. 

USE MINDFUL APPS Technology is a great tool for finding space in our lives. Here are some of my favorite apps to be aware of how much we use our phones and to use them well when we do. 


Headspace- Guided meditation to decrease stress, be less distracted and reactive and enjoy life. 

Calm- Helps bring clarity, peace and joy to your day. Top meditation and mindfulness app.  

Moment- Tracks how you use your phone.


Thrive- Records your phone usage and allows you to set time periods to turn your phone into a dumb phone. 

Newsfeed Eradicator for Facebook

DELETE SOCIAL MEDIA If you dare. This is the hardest one, but you will find you will reach for your phone a lot less. 


Don't be discouraged if you struggle to find balance, it's really about being aware of how we spend our time.