'Man walking across U.S. to spread message about face-to-face communication'

ROANOKE, VA. A man is walking across the country to promote a greater need for face-to-face communication, and on Sunday he reached Roanoke.

Chris Andrews recently graduated from college and wants to encourage people to swap conversation over cell phones and the Internet for more face-to-face conversation. 

His journey, called "Let's Talk," started from Washington, D.C. two weeks ago, and he plans to reach Los Angeles in about seven months. He has walked 200 miles to reach Roanoke. 

Andrews said one enjoyable aspect of his trip has been meeting many different people and speaking with them about his mission.

"It's really resonated with a lot of people I've spoken with, and I feel like I've left people with at least a prompt to think about this and to sort of talk about it with their friends," Andrews said.