About the Talk

For years I woke up every morning, rolled over and checked my phone. As the day went on I kept it in my pocket just like everyone else I knew. We were all plugged in. I couldn't imagine my life without it. They were fast, easy and reliable… but do they truly help us? 

I decided to walk coast-to-coast across America to find out. Over 210 days, 3,200 miles and 10,827 conversations. 

Along the way I encouraged others to reconsider the role devices were playing in their lives. By the time I reached the Pacific, I had found out what was at stake for us all: connection to ourselves and the world around us. 

Our devices have become more than just tools, they have become masks, distractions and addictions. While we perceive phones as great connectors, they  often have the opposite effect, isolating and hindering personal growth. When we turn off our phones, we reconnect with ourselves and begin to grow in patience, empathy and happiness.


host Let's Talk


The presentation will inspire schools and organizations to become aware of their own digital usage and reimagine what exists beyond the screen.

In an age where digital media consumes us, my mission is to encourage us to reconsider the importance of our actions.

The presentation begins with a showing of the 10 minute Let’s Talk documentary. I will go on to give an entertaining explanation of my walk and the role of phones in our lives.

I will conclude by giving the audience practical tips to manage their own digital usage and help them strike a healthy balance that will change their lives. Afterwards, I would be happy to answer any questions.